Gaudio Clariden 2022 Universal-fit In-ear Monitors

RM5,179.00 MYR
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This model takes a different approach within its market sector, moving the listener closer to the performer, without losing the correctness of timbres.

The bass region is slightly elevated, fast and with great detailing to engage the listener; the mids are tuned for an intimate, palpable and crystal clear experience; the treble region is crisp and further extended for a realistic airy rendition and a superior treble articulation.


High-grade aluminum alloy body machined from a solid block of metal by CNC milling machine.

Stainless steel nozzle machined from solid metal rod by automatic turning machine, with polished satin effect for a unique look.

These materials feature superior mechanical properties for durable, robust ‘like no other’ high-end earphones.


Premium advanced Swiss-developed Titanium-based black anodising coating 2x harder than standard ones, 5x harder than uncoated alloy.

A eye-catching colour contrast by using charcoal black and red logo on the inlay to communicate the strong character of CLARIDEN, which is clear, but also engaging and strong thanks to its elevated bass.


  • 3 precision Balanced Armature Drivers (Low/Mid/High)
  • 3 Way-System proprietary Crossover
  • Impedance @1kHz = 17ohm
  • Up to 25dB Noise Isolation
  • 112dB SPL/mW