iFi Audio micro iDSD Diablo-X Portable DAC / Amplifier

RM5,749.00 MYR
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eXperience innovation

The very first DAC/amp in the world to drive xMEMS technology


The Diablo-X is the first DAC/amp on the market to support the revolutionary xMEMs solid state monolithic speaker technology. 

This unique technology features:

  • Ultra-fast mechanical response (~15µsec; 150x faster than a typical dynamic driver)
  • Flat 2° phase response for more accurate sound reproduction
  • +/- 1° phase matching (part-to-part) for more accurate spatial sound
  • Silicon speaker diaphragm (95x more stiff/rigid than plastic) for reduce speaker break-up (less muddy mids/highs)

Brian Lucey, 8-time Grammy Winning Mastery Engineer, calls it “truly disruptive’ with “phase performance unlike no other speaker technology”.