Oriolus Mellianus In-earphones
Oriolus Mellianus In-earphones Oriolus Mellianus In-earphones Oriolus Mellianus In-earphones Oriolus Mellianus In-earphones Oriolus Mellianus In-earphones Oriolus Mellianus In-earphones
RM10,799.00 MYR

Oriolus Mellianus 10 Balanced Armature Driver 2-pin Detachable Audiophile In-ear Earphone


The continuing of Mini Audio tuning

  • Oriolus Mellianus is 10 drivers and 3 frequency division in-ear balanced earphone

10 drivers and 3 frequency division

  • Oriolus Mellianus uses a unique 10 drivers design (SONION and Knowles balanced armature driver), 3 frequency division (Four high, four medium and two low) our-pipe design, get the certification of Hi-Res.

Imported resin, handmade cavity

  • Oriolus Mellianus cavity material is imported resin from Germany and made by hands, with smooth and meticulous appearance, feel like a moist jade. The panel is inlaid in it, very delicate.

Titanium alloy panel

  • Oriolus Mellianus panel is made by titanium alloy, not only can improve the sound quality, but also to protect the internal driver, even more incredible is that its lightweight texture can bring a comfortable wearing experience.

USA imported wire

  • The standard configuration of Oriolus Mellianus use USA imported single crystal silver wire, after oil-immersed process, the sound is more complete and nice. Meanwhile remove the user's concerns about the wire.

Customized 18K gold-plated 2-pin CM interface

  • The use of 18K pin is for getting better sound, and CM interface is convenient for users to replace the wire, but not recommend the replacement of other wires, the original wire is really good.

Conversion adapter, fully compatible

  • The standard configuration of earphone cable is 2.5mm balanced plug which is compatible for most of the balance player. The accessories are equipped with three conversion plugs, respectively compatible for 3.5mm balance player (HIFIMAN, SOUNDWARE), 4.4mm balance player (SONY) and 3.5mm Single-ended player.

Ebony plugs

  • Oriolus Mellianus plugs are made from African imported ebony wood, whose chemical properties are very stable, can make the product durable.

Easy to drive and match

  • Using the mobile phone and computer as a player also has a good sound, and also has very stunning performance in the high-end system. For example, connect with the current hot SP1000 to listen, sound bright, balance and transparent, very high standard of a sound experience

The feeling of listening

  • Equip with DP100 need to open high gain, the thickness and charm of human voice will be much stronger than the phone drive directly, The whole is no longer cocked in the two ends, the 3 frequency division is very uniform and the moistening feeling of sound is stronger.
  • DP100 uses pure silver recording wire, and then connects to the NT-1 fluorescent tube amp, the sound will be more warm and thick, the overall 3 frequency division is very smooth and very nice, but the sound field is focusing comparatively, no special feeling.

Comprehensive performance

  • The sound field is huge, the 3 frequency division is smooth, the background is clean and the sound is neutral and warmer.


  • Driver: 10pcs balanced armature (Knowles &SONION mixed)
  • Plug: 2.5mm gold-plated
  • Impedance: 36Ω
  • Sensitivity: 109dB
  • Weight: 12g (not included cable)
  • Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz
  • Wire: 1.2 m imported single crystal silver oil-immersed


  • Oriolus Mellianus
  • 3 adapters