64audio A12t Custom In-ear Monitors

RM10,999.00 MYR
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The 64auio A12t Custom In-Ear Monitors with patent-pending tia™ technology are the ultimate monitors for professional stage, in the studio, and the most demanding audiophile applications; it features 4 low drivers, 6 mid drivers, and the incredibly smooth tia high and high-mid drivers. In the tia single-bore, sound from the low and mid drivers blends with amazingly-detailed highs from the proprietary open balanced armature tia high driver. The lower-mids have been refined while the familiar low-frequency response remains intact, providing the warm and inspiring sound of the A12 legacy. Features include the patent-pending apex™ technology that relieves air pressure for fatigue-free listening and a protective mesh cover at the end of the sound port for easy maintenance and improved resistance to debris. Apex modules are removable, allowing you to customize the isolation level and sound flavors to provide a personalized listening experience that simply cannot be achieved by traditional Custom IEMs. While there are other 12-driver products on the market, nothing comes close to the transparency, agility, and power of the A12 with tia technology. 

Like all 64audio Custom IEMs, the A12t monitors are 3D printed based on your uniquely shaped ear impressions and are fully customizable with a wide range of handcrafted finishes. They are inherently noise isolating and are designed to work with a wide range of personal audio devices including all hard-wired and wireless monitor systems.