Custom Art Fibae 7 Unlimited Custom / Universal-Fit In-ear Monitors

Custom Art
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FIBAE 7 Unlimited utilizes the world’s first, patent pending, Flat Impedance design.

Featuring seven drivers: Dual Sub-Low, Single Low-Mid, Dual Mid-High, and Two Top-Firing Tweeters. It is an epitome of natural sound, delivering even frequency response with immense details without fatigue.

We are unlocking the potential of FIBAE 7 and removing all the limits!

We tuned FIBAE 7 Unlimited to be an even better IEM than its predecessor. We listened to feedback from our customers and entrusted reviewers over the years and adjusted accordingly. We added more sub-bass, slightly reduced mids to make it less vocal-forward, and greatly improved high frequency presence by adopting an advanced crossover with a dedicated, 3D-printed special waveguide. The effect is an ultimate frequency response, smooth natural tonality, spacious and expansive soundstage.

FIBAE 7 Unlimited portrays musicality combined with balance and an ultimate extension of frequencies. FIBAE 7 Unlimited has been fully redesigned. The new updated crossover adds more headroom and improves the dynamics and transient response. With increased sensitivity, the updated F7 is easier to drive, achieving much higher loudness before distortion. This will prove incredibly beneficial especially for professional musicians on stage. Top-Of-The-Line modern sound signature, offering a balance between musicality and engagement. A perfect IEM for both musicians and audiophiles.