FiiO FD5 Flagship Dynamic In-Ear Monitors

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Timeless design

The new FiiO flagship dynamic driver IEM FD5 has a uniquely timeless industrial design which evoking majestic mountains and waterfalls, some carefully designed curves are combined into a 3D embossed stainless steel plate, with very stylish and distinctive plate texture.

12mm flagship dynamic driver

12mm large flagship beryllium-plated DLC diaphragm driver unit, N52 magnets with a high magnetic flux 1.5 Tesla for extremely robust bass and excellent high frequency resolution.

High-end audio inspired acoustic prism design

A specifically designed acoustic prism system to achieve precise control of sound waves, improve the high frequency diffusion, adjust ultra-high frequency phase, eliminate high frequency standing waves, and enhance overall sound wave diffusion.

Semi-open back cavity

The “volcanic field” structure was added to the rare cavity to enhance the diffusion of low-frequency waves throughout the FD5, reduce standing waves and distortion, so that the sound is more clean and accurate. The semi-open design can also quickly relieve air pressure - leading to a more comfortable and long lasting listening session. Replaceable nozzles, interchangeable 2.5/3.5/4.4mm plugs designs and other features.

Driver Config
  • 12mm Beryllium-coated diamond-like carbon (DLC) dynamic driver.
Frequency response
  • 10 - 40000 Hz
  • 32 Ohm
  • 109db/1mW
  • In-Ear/ Metal
  • 8 strands of mono crystalline silver- plated copper cable
Cable length
  • 120cm
  • MMCX
Plug Terminations
  • 4.4 mm TRRS Balanced, 3.5 mm TRS Single-Ended, 2.5 mm TRRS Balanced