FiiO FH9 Flagship Hybrid In-ear Monitors

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S.Turbo patent Super Running Turbocharged Bass Technology

low-frequency sound tube adopts FIIO's patented S.Turbo acoustic turbocharged structure design, which cleverly uses the sound wave guiding characteristics to strengthen the bass effect through the shape of the turbine, allowing the low-frequency to dive deep and vigorous, and full of flexibility; at the same time, it also cleverly filters the excess medium and high-frequency information of the moving coil to ensure that the low-frequency and medium-high-frequency timbre are smoothly,hearing is more surging and thick.

* Patent Certificate Number: ZL2018211416279

Is not tired after listening for a long time.  Semi-open acoustic rear cavity

based on FIIO's patented technology of balanced pressure relief of front and rear cavities, a semi-open rear cavity acoustic cavity is built. Make the sound softer and more natural, and the sound field is wide and comfortable;

and can efficiently balance the air pressure in the cavity, eliminate the pressure of eardrum,

effectively protect hearing; If you are not tired after listening for a long time, you can enjoy listening.

Fatigue-free listening semi-open acoustic design

The FH9 features a semi-open acoustic design incorporating FiiO’s patented system of balanced pressure relief between the front and rear cavities. The result is more natural sound, and more comfortable listening in longer sessions due to greatly minimized pressure on your eardrums when listening.

We provide two color schemes for the FH9, gray and black. The FH9’s next-generation industrial design gives it a decidedly premium look and feel worth of its status. Not only is the FH9’s titanium construction beautiful, but its extreme rigidity also helps to greatly minimize unwanted harmonics and resonances for better sound quality.

Build quality worthy of a flagship.  Pure titanium construction.

Each FH9 ear unit is precisely made with five-axis CNC machining to ensure it meets tight tolerances and be of high build quality. All of this is combined with a pleasing feel against your skin for excellent wearing comfort, allowing you to easily immerse yourself into long listening sessions. 

Flagship Hybrid IEM.  1 dynamic 6 BA driver acoustic design.

FiiO’s new flagship hybrid IEMs, the FH9, is the result of two years’ worth of intense research on how to fully take advantage of the strengths of hybrid IEMs and push the boundaries of what they can sound like. This 1 dynamic 6 BA driver design (7 in total) features a 2nd generation 13.6mm DLC diaphragm dynamic bass driver fully capable of extending to the lowest frequencies with ample punch. Mid and high frequencies are handled by a custom 6 Knowles BA setup that accurately reproduces every last musical detail. Together, these drivers provide a rich and detailed musical soundscape fully befitting a flagship.

Specially customized 6 Knowles BA setup

All 6 BA drivers in each ear unit of the FH9 are from Knowles. High frequencies are handled by the proven SWFK-31736 driver. For the mid frequency drivers, FiiO has partnered with Knowles themselves in over 2 years of extensive research on how to best implement such drivers to achieve perfect harmony between multiple drivers for an absolutely coherent sound.

The FH9s shell is specially engineered to eliminate unwanted harmonic resonance generated as sound waves travel through the shell, sound tube and cavity – which greatly eliminates undesirable sibilance in the sound.

2nd generation FiiO DLC diaphragm dynamic bass driver

The FH9 is FiiOs first hybrid IEM to feature a self-developed 2nd generation DLC (diamond-like carbon) bass driver. Compared to the 1st generation driver, the magnetic circuit structure has been redesigned resulting in 20% higher magnetic density to better push the massive 13.6mm DLC diaphragm – which means an even more dynamic sound. And thanks to DLCs outstanding rigidity and high damping coefficient, the FH9s bass driver is capable of providing extremely quick transient response with extremely minimal distortion.

"The advantage of multi-unit products is that they can extract the advantages of different units and combine them. FH9 not only uses large-size moving coil units, but also uses Lou's ultra-high frequency moving iron units. The frequency response coverage is very wide and the energy density is large. This is very important for the playback of small energy information; for example, the ultra-high frequency energy is small, but it is extremely important, there is no sense of space, so better resolution requires sufficient sound density. If the density is enough to hear the string, it will feel sticky, the wind will be thick and full, and the percussion instrument will feel air vibration when it is knocked. The instrument and the human voice will sound more stable, more solid, and more like real sounds."

Specially-tuned sound, interchangeable sound filters

The flagship FH9 comes standard with three interchangeable sound filters. Each sound filter has its own damping and filter density, allowing you to choose between three different sound signatures

Enhanced, dynamic bass focus.  Clear, transparent, balanced timbre.  Highly resolving, detailed treble focus.

*The black sound filter comes pre-installed. Other filters are included as accessories.

Wearing Upgrade.  Stainless Steel MMCX Elbow Design

Following the expansion MMCX headphone connector, stainless steel is used as the hardware shell, with color and material. Optimize the ear wearing experience at the earphone connector, and choose elbow design,

clever joint radian, wearing more ergonomic, left "blue" and right "red", quick identification; Let every note dance freely with you.

pure arrival high quality and high purity pure silver wire

comes standard with high-purity sterling silver wires, 28 branch bases per share, 8 strands totaling 224 cores; A single independent enameled package is insulated and twisted with Leeds structure. Imported transparent TPU environmental protection materials are used on the outer surface of the wire to make the color of the wire body brighter and more transparent, and at the same time, it can effectively improve the phenomenon of yellowing on the outer surface of the wire for a long time and hardening.

Wealth of accessories

HB5 carrying case*1, Bass ear tips*3 pairs (SML), Balanced ear tips*3 pairs (SML), Vocals ear tips*3 pairs (SML), Foam ear tips*2 pairs (M), Double-flange ear tips*2 (M), SpinFit ear tips*3 pairs (SML), Cleaning brush*1, MMCX removal tool*1, Magnetic clamp*1, Green/Black/Red audio filters*1 set, 2.5/3.5/4.4mm interchangeable audio plug*1 set, 8 strands of 224 wires each high-purity monocrystalline pure silver cable*1

*1 pair of SpinFit ear tips and 1 set of black filters are pre-installed at the factory