FiiO LC-2.5B/3.5B/4.4B MMCX Balanced earphone replacement cable for Shure/Westone/JVC/FiiO

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The LC-2.5B is a 2.5mm balanced earphone cable made of high-purity monocrystalline sliver-plated copper (OCC). The strands are joined by Kevlar fibers that ensure the audio signals transmit fidelity free from external interference and keeps the cable durable. With the left and right channel in a double-stranded design, the two channels’ signal are carried independently for greater channel separation. The cables easily upgrade the sound of over-the-ear earphones as it increases detail and clarity.

  • Stylish semi-transparent TPU sheathing
  • 120 cm length
  • Color coded MMCX connectors (blue for left, red for right)
  • L-shaped plug



Technical Specification

  • Plug type: 2.5mm balanced
  • Plug shape: L-shaped
  • Plug material: metal
  • Plug color: Titanium
  • Cable sheath: Semi-transparent TPU
  • Cable core: 4 stranded OCC
  • Length: 120 cm