FiiO M11 Plus (ESS) Digital Audio Player

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FiiO M11 Plus ESS Vs FiiO M11 Plus AKM:- FiiO has brought several updates with the new M11 Plus ESS variant. T

Not only have they switched the DAC chipset from AK4497*2 to ES9068AS*2 DAC chips, they have also replaced the low-pass filter from OPA1662*2 to OPA927*2 matching the ESS DAC chipset.

The chipset is now tuned to achieve high SNR ratings ensuring quality sound performance with cleaner background response.

M11 Plus ESS also has improved output power ratings, providing up to 660mW of clean output at 32Ω of load.

The battery life of the new M11 Plus ESS is also improved from 11.5H on the AKM variant to 14H on ESS Variant. Upgraded DAC Chipset Delivering Quality Performance:- FiiO has upgraded the DAC chipset featuring two high-performance ES9068AS audio decoding chips on the M11 Plus. It is tuned and adjusted for achieving improved performance, even better than the AKM counterpart with better Signal to Noise Ratio and Distortion ratings. Premium Dual DAC and Natural THX Amplification Module:- M11 Plus is equipped with a dual DAC chipset that provides high-resolution audio signal decoding with ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings ensuring a clean, noise-free output. The premium DAC chipset is paired with natural-sounding, high output power THX AAA-78 amplifier chips that produce the minutest of the details in our music with ultimate precision and quality. Newly-Designed Shielded Internal Circuitry:- FiiO has designed the internal circuit of the M11 Plus with a patented modular circuit design. Each module of the circuit has its own shielding cover, which also means the digital and analog portions are completely separated from each other resulting in a pure, natural sound output with low interference and clean background. Clean and Powerful Output With THX Amp Module:- FiiO has trusted the THX AA-78 headphone amplifier module for the M11 Plus. They featured the same in the M11 Pro and M11 Plus AKM variant, But it now delivers better output power with an output power rating of up to 660mW@32Ω of load. The Low-pass filter chip has been switched from OPA1662 to OPA927. Snappy User Interface With Octa-Core Snapdragon CPU:- With the M11 Plus LTD, FiiO implemented its music players with an eight-core Snapdragon 660 SoC chip that provides an exceptionally smooth, smartphone-like user interface. The device is loaded with 4 GB of RAM that provides full functionality with the latest Android 10 OS.