FiiO M11 Pro Android-based Lossless Portable Music Player with SanDisk MicroSD 128GB

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  1. Two carefully implemented AK4497EQ DAC chips based on the AKM VELVET AUDIO architecture. Compared to the AK4493EQ, the AK4497EQ brings better specifications and noticeable improved sound quality.
  2. Dual THX AAA-78 amplifier module in a balanced configuration, the sound quality just gets even more amazing.
  3. Dual independent crystal oscillators in an all-new upgraded clock system.

Key features of the FiiO M11 Pro include:

  •    Powerful Samsung Exynos 7872 processor
  •    Audiophile-grade 2x AK4497EQ DACs
  •    THX AAA-78 amplifiers in fully balanced configuration
  •     Dual independent crystal oscillators in an upgraded clock system
  •     Full-format Bluetooth transmission + LDAC lossless Bluetooth reception support
  •    2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm headphone outputs
  •     Symmetrical USB Type-C connector with decoding and output functions
  •     AirPlay/DLNA/WiFi convenient wireless transmission
  •     Bluetooth/single-ended/balanced/line out/USB/coaxial output methods
  •    3GB RAM + 64GB built-in storage + up to 2TB expandable storage
  •     5.15 inch 18:9720P touchscreen
  •     Supports both QC2.0+MTK PEfast charging
  •     9.5hours battery life, 55 days deep sleep standby time
  •     Global All To DSD functionality
  •     Open-source Android OS
  •     Dual Hi-Res Audio certifications
  •     Available in Black