Fosi Audio P3 True Tube Preamplifier

Fosi Audio
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Experience the unique charm from vacuum tubes

Immersive HiFi Atmosphere

After refinement and enhancement, the sound becomes more enchanting, immersing you in a world of high-quality music.

True Amplification Crafting Unique Tones

The preamp circuit elevates the voltage to 54V, ensuring the tubes work to their full potential, delivering a warm and rich experience.

JAN 5654W Vacuum Tubes

Explore warm tones, heightened emotion, and expanded dynamics. Replace vacuum tubes for infinite tonal possibilities.

Rolling Vacuum Tubes

It allows you to effortlessly personalized sound with diverse tubes, imbuing every note with your individuality and style.

QCC3031 Bluetooth Chip

Audio transmission is enhanced to support various high-quality formats ensuring the ultimate enjoyment of pure and lossless music.

Ideal Partner to V3

In the same series and form factor, we've added bass, treble adjustment, and Bluetooth connectivity for exceptional sound quality.

Bass and Treble Controls

The knobs are user-friendly, easily allowing you to restore the original tone by returning them to the center position.

Front Headphone Jack

Experience immediate convenience with plug-and-play for a more intuitive and efficient music experience, without the need to reach behind.

Taper A Potentiometer

It achieves a linear listening experience, by enabling precise volume control to match the human ear's auditory characteristics.

Quality ELNA Capacitors

These high-quality components deliver clear, natural-sounding music with precision, low distortion, and stability.

Manual Mode Control

Flexible source switching, along with easy operation, provides a seamless music experience at your fingertips.

One-Click Pairing Reset

Press and hold the RST button for 3s to manually clear Bluetooth pairing, preventing accidental connections by others.

High Separation and SNR

Contributing to reduced noise interference, they ensure a pure and transparent audio signal, further enhancing sound quality performance.


RMS Power:

250mw @16Ω;150mw @32Ω;

32mw @250Ω;20mW @300Ω

Headphone Impedance:


SNR: ≥103dB

Dynamic Range: 104dB

THD: ≤ 0.02%

Noise Floor: 64uV

Crosstalk: 95dB

Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz(±1dB)

Bluetooth Chip:QCC3031

Bluetooth Version:5.1

Bluetooth Range:≥10m

Bluetooth Codecs:SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX HD/aptX LL

Power Input:DC 12V/1.5A~3A