Fosi V3 Mono Monoblock Amplifier

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Introducing the V3 Mono, the mini monoblock power amplifier for home audio system.

In 2023, following the launch of the V3 stereo amplifier, we received numerous valuable suggestions and feedback from our users.

We listen intently, record diligently, and develop with dedication, ultimately striving to transform your suggestions and ideas into reality—the V3 mono. 

PFFB Post-Filter Feedback Technology 
Significantly reduces distortion, enhances linearity and frequency response, and improves sound purity and system efficiency. 

Reproducing  Every Detail
Effectively reduces the output impedance, thereby increasing the damping factor for tighter and more precise speaker response. 

Overcoming the Pain Point of Class-D Amps
Reduces output filter impact, boosts frequency response for balanced, natural tones, ensuring true reproduction. 

240W @ 4Ω Mono Rated Power Output 
Crafts an enriching, immersive sound experience, satisfying your craving for superior musical quality with unmatched audio richness. 

Pure Sound, Accurate Imaging with Zero Crosstalk
Enhances stereo depth and soundstage accuracy through precise power and channel separation for a purer audio experience. 

Compact and Exquisite with Minimalist Design
Effortlessly integrates into various settings like home theater, study room, desktop and studios without occupying too much space. 

All-Aluminum Alloy Chassis: Sturdy and Durable
Durably built from a single CNC-machined aluminum alloy piece, showcasing a robust and refined high-quality design. 

Supports XLR Balanced and  RCA Inputs: Easily Switchable with a Toggle
Provides you with flexible connectivity options that are easily adapted for both home and professional scenarios. 

XLR Balanced Input Enhanced Interference Resistance
Ensures stable audio transmission for a precise, clear listening experience, fulfilling the quest for supreme sound quality. 

RCA Input  with 25dB and 31dB Gain Selection
Enhances source adaptability and audio clarity, reducing distortion and overload risk, suitable for various audio setups. 

Swappable Op-Amp Design
Easily replaceable DIP8 dual discrete op-amps, meeting your pursuit of a personalized audio experience. 

Four-Layer PCB Design for Superior Sound Quality
Boosts signal stability and audio purity, enhancing performance and interference resistance for superior sound output. 

Auto Standby Mode High Energy Efficiency
Automatically enters standby after 10 minutes of no signal input, extending device lifespan and reducing power consumption. 

Advanced Cooling Design  
Guarantees long-term efficient operation of the amp, prevents overheating, and maintains consistent sound quality and device longevity. 

Dust-Proof Filter Screens Aesthetic and Practical 
Effectively blocks dust without compromising cooling, ensuring long-term stability and enhancing product durability. 

Dust-Proof Filter Screens Aesthetic and Practical 
Effectively blocks dust without compromising cooling, ensuring long-term stability and enhancing product durability. 

Optional 48V/10A Power Supply  
Provides stable and robust power support, ensuring high-fidelity sound quality to meet diverse audio playback demands. 

Powers Two V3 MONOs Simultaneously
With a power supply splitter cable, a single PSU can supply power to two amps, saving space and maintaining tidiness, offering you more flexible combination solutions.