HeadAmp GS-X mini Balanced Headphone Amplifier/Pre-Amp

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Built using a special variation on our well-reviewed class-A audio circuit from the GS-X mk2, the new GS-X mini is the first HeadAmp product to deliver balanced headphone drive from all audio sources, single-ended, or balanced.  This means no more compromising your headphone experience when using a single-ended source, your high-end headphones will always benefit from the speed and power of balanced drive when connected to the GS-X Mini.

A  desktop-friendly one-box configuration helps the GS-X mini fit conveniently into your home or office, and HeadAmp’s fastidious dedication to quality, fit, and finish make it a piece made to look beautiful through its’ long life of service.  The characteristic colored front panels well-known from the Blue Hawaii SE and GS-X mk2 are also a part of the GS-X mini, allowing your choice of custom flourish.

Our Take

The GS-X mini is a great pairing with most medium-to-low sensitivity headphones, and high impedance headphones, whose sound comes alive when given balanced drive and higher power, models like the Sennheiser HD800 series, HIFIMAN HE1000, Audeze LCD-4. The clean, steady power delivery also pairs well with easier to drive headphones like the MrSpeakers Ether series, Audeze LCD-X, and HIFIMAN Ananda.  With balanced drive from any source, even single-ended ones, there’s no excuse not to give your high-end headphones the power they crave, by connecting them to the new GS-X Mini.