iFi Audio Pro iRack

RM1,319.00 MYR
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Looking for a stylish way to display your iFi audio Pro series?

The Pro iRack was designed exclusively for you. Sound and style in perfect harmony.


Sleek. Stylish. Sonically superior.

The Pro iRack is made from resonance-dampened magnesium-aluminium alloy which helps to create micro-vibration control. Its strikingly designed pillars are constructed from natural marble for optimum sound quality.

The design is not only stylish but also helps to create an invisible sonic signature. Your music will sound clear and strong – no reverb.


Good Vibrations

It boasts slim stainless steel supports with micro-vibration control for minimum energy storage and a multi-resonance damped sandwich construction for optimum damping and isolation.

‘Good Vibrations’ by the Beach Boys will be the only ones on your playlist.


Modern. Modular.

The Pro iRack is modular and can be made up of one, two or even three layers to support a growing collection of our Pro gear.

The Pro iRack. Listen with style.



Shelves: 1 Deck
Dimensions: 305mm (l) x 210mm (w) x 78mm (h)
Weight: 675g (1.5lbs)