iFi Audio ZEN DAC Signature

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With a sleek form factor, solid build, and stellar sound, iFi audio’s ZEN DAC is one of the most talked-about USB DAC/amps on the market today. Now we're taking the conversation further in a Drop-exclusive model: the ZEN DAC Signature. Like the original ZEN DAC, this premium iteration can be powered by mains or a connected USB source. It boasts the same bit-perfect Hi-Res audio support, with PCM decoding to 384kHz, as well as native DSD and MQA (Renderer). Where the Signature stands out is its upgraded circuitry with premium parts selection for unparalleled analog conversion. The Signature features high-end, low-noise capacitors and resistors found in iFi’s flagship Pro series to preserve the signal in the purest form. Any downstream amplifier will sound crystal-clear when paired with this game-changing amp, but the ZEN DAC Signature (with its balanced circuit and 4.4mm output) makes an exceptional duo with the purpose co-designed ZEN CAN Signature 6XX.