iFi Audio ZEN Signature Set DAC V2 + CAN HFM + 4.4mm Cable

RM3,099.00 MYR RM3,259.00 MYR
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A triple treat for HIFIMAN fans

The ZEN DAC Signature V2 and ZEN CAN Signature HFM with 4.4mm Balanced cable make a tasty treat for your desktop. 

Packed with sonic goodness

The ‘ZEN Signature Set HFM’ comprises both the ZEN DAC Signature V2, the upgraded version of our original ZEN DAC Signature, and the new ZEN CAN Signature HFM.

The ZEN CAN Signature HFM has an unique EQ curve that brings out the best in the already outstanding HIFIMAN range of headphones.

This set includes a high-performance 4.4mm Balanced cable to connect them together.