IFi Ear plugs with iPouch Case

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Want to block out snoring at bedtime? Need to concentrate? Or protect your ears from constant noise?

The iFi Ear Plugs will do the job nicely. Once tried, you’ll be forever smitten.

Dreams. Downtime.

Is your sleep disturbed by snoring, noisy neighbours or, heaven forbid, someone else’s music?

Do you need to protect your ears from your environment? Concentrate? Or just switch off?

We have the solution.

iFi Ear Plugs are fuss-free, 100% pure memory foam, created by iFi to make sure you get a good night’s sleep or take uninterrupted time out for yourself.

Tried and tested

Our unique form-fitting design moulds itself to stay snug in your ear canal. They won’t fall out while you are sleeping.

The iFi Ear Plugs are extremely effective. So much so, that measured noise reduction is even better than top-flight Active Noise Cancellation headphones.

Trust us – these are tried and tested – on planes, on trains, against snoring (yes, they do work), at concerts, we’ve certainly well and truly road tested them. You won’t be disappointed.

Zone. Out.

The iFi Ear Plugs are available exclusively on Amazon in two options:

Eight pairs of earplugs, each pair with a cool transparent iFi storage box. Check them out here.

Three pairs of earplugs in transparent boxes with an awesome carry pouch. Take a look here.

Whichever you choose, take them with you wherever you go. Just don’t use them when cycling or running! You definitely won’t know what’s behind you.

TOTAL tranquility

Plane, train or automobile, dissatisfied with premium noise-cancellation headphones? No surprise.

The best active noise-cancellation headphones offer on average 25dB noise reduction. This is adequate but does not offer near total silence from ambient cabin noise or upset babies.

The solution is the iFi Ear Plugs AND the Active Noise-Cancellation headphones. Used together, some 62dB of noise reduction to the level of a quiet room is achieved so you can truly enjoy the silence.


  • Premium 100% pure memory foam with clear hard-case.
  • Incredible 37dB noise reduction
    (awesome 62dB total noise reduction if used in with Active Noise-Cancellation headphones which offer 25dB noise reduction)
  • Optional iPouch is a perfectly-sized hard case to store ear plugs/IEMs