iFi ZEN Blue 3 Lossless / Hi-res Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

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Limitless. Lossless.

Welcome to a new standard in Bluetooth audio

Audiophile Sound. Wireless Freedom.

The wired world is changing. Where once cables were king, Bluetooth audio is now carving out a place for itself, and with the advent of Lossless Bluetooth audio, the gap between wired and wireless audiophile options is narrower than ever.

The ZEN Blue 3 brings these two worlds together in spectacular fashion. Building on the resounding success of the ZEN Blue range, we took everything that made them great and dared ourselves to do more.

Adding aptX Lossless was our ‘small step’. Our ‘giant leap’ came when we added USB DAC capability, and Bluetooth transmission. With USB, optical and even analogue inputs available, there have never been more ways to connect to the music you love, while enjoying the freedom of wireless Hi-Res audio.

Cut the Cord. Keep the Quality.

The ZEN Blue 3 offers wireless audio that is free of compromise by incorporating Lossless Bluetooth audio, courtesy of Qualcomm’s Flagship QCC518x Bluetooth audio chip and the aptX Lossless codec.

Offering a maximum bitrate of 1,200kbps aptX Lossless is the first and only Bluetooth codec currently capable of wirelessly sending and receiving CD-quality audio without losing data during compression. For instance, if your phone supports aptX Lossless, you can stream high-quality lossless music from your phone to your hi-fi system.

Not ready to join the Lossless party just yet? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. The ZEN Blue 3’s extensive backwards compatibility ensures that all current major Bluetooth codecs are supported: aptX Lossless, LDAC™, LHDC/HWA, aptX Adaptive, aptX, AAC and SBC.

Forging New Connections.

In this increasingly wireless world, high resolution Bluetooth headphones and TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds are an essential for audio enthusiasts. However, the need for a Bluetooth connection can often make them incompatible with your home audio setup.

The ZEN Blue 3 tears down this wall with Bluetooth transmission in all supported codecs, including CD-quality aptX Lossless.

Connect your ZEN Blue 3 to audio sources such as laptops, mobile phones or TVs, via USB-C, SPDIF or even analogue RCA, and introduce your favourite Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to the rest of your audio world.

Whether it’s a late-night vinyl session without the speakers, enjoying your aptX Lossless earbuds while working on your laptop, or marathoning your favourite Netflix series on the TV via headphones, the ZEN Blue 3 offers new opportunities for listening enjoyment.

Versatility Breeds Possibility.

Even with all this innovation on show, the ZEN Blue 3 has even more tricks up its sleeve.

Leveraging the capabilities of the Qualcomm QCC518x chipset paired with a dedicated ESS Sabre DAC and Hi-Fi circuitry, it outperforms most Bluetooth transmitters and receivers.

The ZEN Blue 3 is also able to function as a fully wired DAC, offering 96kHz/24Bit audio via USB-C, or 192kHz/24Bit audio via SPDIF, which can be output via 4.4 balanced or RCA analogue outputs.

Wired and wireless – is it too much to ask for both? We believe not.

Let That Sync In.

Whether you’re getting lost in a great movie or immersing yourself in your favourite video game, few things take you out of the moment quite like a delay in the audio. This is a notorious issue with other Bluetooth products, but for the ZEN Blue 3 this is simply another place to excel.

When using ZEN Blue 3’s Low Latency mode with a device receiver that supports aptX Low Latency, the time taken to send and receive audio is drastically reduced. When your eyes see it, your ears hear it – putting you right back in the moment, where you belong.

Balance in All Things.

With so many Hi-Res audio options available to the ZEN Blue 3, making balanced circuitry available to users is more important than ever.

By including a balanced line output, users with a balanced audio setup can look forward to significantly reduced signal noise and crosstalk between channels, bringing all the clarity with none of the audio clutter.

Performance can be further enhanced with the optional SilentPower iPower2 power supply, featuring proprietary Active Noise Cancellation II technology.