Lime Ears Anima Tribird Custom / Universal Fit In-ear Monitors

Lime Ears
RM18,999.00 MYR
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The Lime Ears Anima is a balanced yet joyful tuning with a deep resonating bass performance and almost ethereal highs with plenty of headroom from those e-stat drivers.

- 1x 7mm Titanium-Diaphragm DD for infra-sub frequencies

- 2x BA drivers for subwoofer frequencies

- 2x BA drivers for low frequencies

- 2x Vented BA drivers for midrange

- 2x BA drivers for  high frequencies

- 4x EST for ultra-high frequencies 

BADD™ Hybrid Low-End Technology

- Organic Horn Nozzle™

- Hand-finished acrylic shells with Bello Opal™ faceplates