Moondrop Spring Tips

E1 Personal Audio Malaysia
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Acoustic Waveguide Structure

Moondrop has designed the nozzle in Spring Ear Tips with acoustic waveguide structure verified by FEA finite element simulation technology. This acoustic waveguide structure greatly reduces the resonance of mid-treble sound waves. We get a smoothened treble frequency response with lowered burr and sharp sounds making it more natural while maintaining high-res extensions.

Radial Double Support Structure

Moondrop Spring Tips ensures the surface of the tips fits perfectly into your ear canal. They have a radial double support structure to avoid the collapse of tips and prevent bass leakage to other frequencies. In short, the Moondrop Spring Tips provide you a comfortable fit with a natural sound performance.

Greatly Reduces Treble Resonance

Tested in multiple measurements of frequency response curve matched with earphones, Spring Tips are proven to greatly suppress the treble resonance peak. They actually help restore a natural timbre in the sound.