QoA Mojito Six Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors

RM1,869.00 MYR
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Technical Specifications

  • Six Balanced Armature Driver Units, 4 Knowles Drivers and 2 Sonion Drivers each side
  • Impedance: 23 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 118dB +/- 2dB
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz
  • 0.78mm Two-pin connector cable with 3.5mm termination plug
  • 1.2m Pure copper and Silver Mix Hybrid Cable
  • Available in Three colors Aqua Blue, Amber Orange, and Grape Sparkling Wine

QOA is short form for Queen Of Audio, a sister brand for Kinera, founded by two females from China. The brand has the same design and development team from Kinera, and we already know how capable the team is from their amazing sounding and premium built products. QOA has announced its latest multi-driver pair of in-ear monitors, the QOA Mojito.

Multi-Driver Combination For Unmatched Sound Quality

The QOA Mojito is equipped with six balanced armature driver units on each side, with four Knowles balanced armature units and two Sonion balanced armatures. The drivers provide its users with a brilliantly detailed sound output with a balanced sound signature and natural wide soundstage. The drivers together create a cinematic orchestra type feeling into the ears of its users to provide them with unmatched sound quality.

Design and Name Inspired From Cocktail Drink “Mojito”

The pair is inspired by a cocktail named “Mojito”, it is reflected in its design the earpieces are crafted from solid stable wood with natural grain wood, which is combined with soft and comfortable matching shell colors. The entire look of the earpieces is sparkling and looks astonishingly beautiful. The pair is available in three different colors Aqua Blue, Amber Orange, and Grape Sparkling Wine. And the sparkling matching of colors just doesn’t end here, you get shell colored matching colored ear tips included in the package also same matching colored wire as well.

Since the earpieces are designed with natural stable wood, each and every earpiece of QOA Mojito has a unique shell design giving it a rich premium finish and unique feeling to the users.

Balanced Sound With Rich Mid Tuning

The QOA Mojito is tuned with a great precision, users get a balanced and natural sound output, with good detail retrieval in mids section, the vocals feel alive and in the front, the bass has got a deep and thumpy feel to it there won’t be any beat go unnoticed with such good clarity in the lower end, while the highs are very soothing and smooth, there are great details in the treble section. The drivers are tuned in such a way to provide its users with a wider soundstage, has good depths and great layers of instrumental imaging with utmost clarity.

Such detailed sound output makes this pair your optimal choice for watching movies and enjoying any genre of music.

Authentic Pure Copper and Silver OCC Hybrid Cable

The QOA Mojito comes with a High-quality pure copper crystal and silver OCC mixed hybrid cable with a 3.5mm termination plug, the color of the cable matches the IEM color that the user buys. The high-quality cable provides low internal resistance to the audio signal and provide its users with a low distortion, unmatched sound output.

Package Contents

  • One pair of QOA Mojito in-ear monitors
  • One pure copper and silver occ hybrid cable with 3.5mm termination plug
  • One carry case
  • Three pairs of silicone tips
  • Three pairs of earpiece matching colored ear tips