Shanling ME200 Dual Driver Hybrid Earphones

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Features of Shanling ME200 Hybrid earphone

  • Nanocomposite diaphragm
  • Knowles Balanced Armature Driver
  • Five variants of the colors
  • Octa-core cable uses entire silver-plated oxygen-free copper wires
  • MMCX connectors

Nanocomposite diaphragm & Knowles Balanced Armature Driver

Shanling ME200 in-ear headphone is equipped with high-performance balanced armature drivers from renowned company Knowles. Shanling worked directly with Knowles' acoustics team on the implementation of these drivers, to assure perfect integration alongside dynamic driver for the most coherent sound. That way dynamic driver provides powerful and natural bass and midrange, while a pair of balanced armature drivers adds clarity, speed and extension for upper midrange and treble.  

Octa-core silver-plated oxygen-free copper wires with 24 braids 

MMCX connector. 

More thickly coated modified MMCX connectors if ME200 that can withstand inserts four times better than standard connectors. Such MMCX connectors are gold-plated, and Shanling says if they are damaged they can be easily replaced. 

Shanling ME200 Shaped For Best Comfort 

After a long design process and many fine adjustments, the final highly ergonomic shape fits greatly in any ear. Combined with behind the ear cable construction, Shanling earphones will fit comfortably for long periods of time and securely. It is enough for any activity. Thanks to passive noise isolation, high-quality Hi-Fi sound can be achieved in any environment. Just a private music session, without any surrounding noise.