Shanling ME500 Platinum Edition Triple Driver Hybrid In-Earphones

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Triple driver Hybrid Earphones Knowles BA Driver HiFi IEM

  • A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship
  • Dual-Magnetic Dynamic Driver
  • Knowles Dual Balanced Armature
  • Premium Brass Shell with Platinum Plating

Triple Driver Hybrid technology

Powerful Sound Excellent Detail. Dual-magnet 10mm dynamic driver + Knowles dual balanced armature driver. Hybrid technology allows Shanling ME500 to combine different types of drivers, fully utilizing their strengths, while eliminating any weaknesses. That way dynamic driver provides powerful and natural bass and midrange, while pair of balanced armature drivers adds clarity, speed and extension for upper midrange and treble..

Knowles Balanced Armature drivers

Knowles TWFK-30017- Detailed and Smooth in Midrange and Treble . Shanling ME500 is equipped with high-performance balanced armature drivers from renowned company Knowles. Shanling worked directly with Knowles' acoustics team on implementation of these drivers, to assure perfect integration alongside dynamic driver for the most coherent sound..

Proprietary Dynamic Driver

Custom made 10mm dynamic driver, with magnetic flux density exceeding l tesla thanks to dual-magnet ,construction. Such driver have better energy efficiency and improved transient response. Combined with PE+PEEK nanocomposite diaphragm and special OFC voice coil, it serves as perfect dedicated driver for bass and midrange.

Shiny Brass Shell

The memory protein earmuffs is soft to wear for long time and can greatly isolate the noise. You can enjoy flawless music anywhere anytime only to immerse in your music world.

Detachable 2 Pin Cable

High density brass is used not only to provide durable construction, but also to reduce internal harmonic resonance and to add unique sound qualities .Together with complex optimization of cavity space, final tuning offers more natural sound, with little bit of extra warmth. Brass shell has multiple layers of coating, adding mirror-like surface and guaranteeing very long lifespan..

Universal MMCX Cable Connector

Replacing damaged cable or using any cable from premium materials couldn't' t be easier, all thanks to usage of standard and widely adopted MMCX connectors. When replacing cable, be sure to pull straight on connector, otherwise connectors can be damaged.