Vision Ears Phönix Limited Edition 2023

Vision Ears
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 Listening to the PHöNIX is an unparalleled experience of stately power and elegant resolution. Tight and bottomless lows are giving a solid ground to gently natural mids, which are seamlessly transitioning to phenomenal rich highs. Only 222 precious units are available of this numbered Limited Edition!

The Design

The idea was to create an elegant design, combining materials we never used before. Each individual shell was meticulously machined from pristine mono blocks of carbon fibre. It was machined with aerospace-grade CNC machines, using aerospace-grade carbon fibre material. Every carbon block has an individual structure, so that each shell is unique as a fingerprint. The faceplate is a composition of three materials and layers. The redesigned carrier faceplate is anodized in titanium grey with stealth-like cutouts on the side. Under a beautiful domed sapphire glass you can see a dark purple chrome layer, prominently wearing the redesigned PHöNIX logo on a titanium grey layer.

The Case
 With the PHöNIX we introduce our all new Premium Line case made of genuine leather. The smart interior design is making it easy to store your precious Premium Line In-Ears without risking them to collide with each other during transport. The cable is neatly stored under an elegant strap. A perfect gadget for your earphone with the aesthetics of an exclusive watch case. A separate genuine leather key strap gives you the opportunity to cling the leather case securely on your bag when you are on the go.

In General
Ever since we founded Vision Ears, our aim was to achieve a perfect symbiosis of great sound and precise craftsmanship. Creating perfect sound is our passion – and our customers expect the highest quality. All of our products are designed and built in Cologne, Germany.

Custom made cable

The PHöNIX Limited Edition comes with a premium 4 wire 23 AWG silver-gold alloy and OCC copper-litz cable. It comes with a balanced 4.4mm connector as a standard.


The PHöNIX Limited Edition is featuring a new powerful bass unit for performing the lows. These four Balanced Armature drivers are empowering the lows to unleash their unstrained energy, while giving improvement to the separation and liveliness. Giving the PHöNIX LIMITED a more controlled performance in the low-end but with a striking and intensive impact. The depth and sub-bass feeling is almost of a dynamic driver, giving the overall sound a stunning, beautifully layered and solid ground.


The assembly of four Balanced Armature drivers impressively showcase how vivid and natural this technology can sound when perfectly implemented. Vision Ears is widely known to give great attention to the mid presentation, with the PHöNIX we created a charismatic and staggering mid-range, full of vivid details and an unparalleled naturalness. Due to the new low driver section, the PHöNIX LIMITED comes with an improved performance in the low-mids, giving it more clarity and control.


The highs of the PHöNIX are powered by four BA drivers, giving the upper range of the frequencies a lustrous and harmonic imaging. The richness of details is breathtakingly uncompromising. The highs are unfolding with a natural timbre, slightly sparkling and at all time not exaggerating.


The all new Super-Tweeter of the PHöNIX is giving extra airiness to the sound. Unveiling the barely perceptible with ease and refining the highs with a stunning openness.

  • new sound tuning for the lows / new BA bass drivers
  • new faceplate design and color
  • new faceplate inlay and color
  • each unit is numbered on faceplate and package
  • limited to 222 units
  • exclusive present for each order