Vision Ears VE2

Vision Ears
RM3,969.00 MYR
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Our entry level is setting high standards. A stunning performance over the whole frequency range. The VE2 is giving you a compact and punchy sound signature with well defined lows, slightly recessed mids and agile fresh highs. All in all a powerful sound signature that gets straight to the point.

Technical configuration:

2-way system — 1 x Bass - 1 x Highs


Drums - Bass


Compact and forward sound signature

VE 2 Custom In-Ears

There is nothing more comfortable and snugly fitting than a custom. Due to our long-time experience of building high quality earpieces and our fitting guarantee, you can reach out for the best without any concerns.
Create your very unique In-Ear with our configurator, you can choose from a vast number of options to make it as individual as you are - make it simple, make it extraordinary. Choose what fits best for you.